The Toyota company makes the GR designation legendary: these letters mean the most “charged” version of the model, very powerful engines, improved suspension and brakes, changed appearance and interior. There are not many such GR cars in the Toyota lineup, but they are very interesting. At the same time, an intermediate version with the designation GR Sport has already been formed: the scope of improvements here is smaller, but the list of such versions is larger.

Here, for example, there is even a Toyota Hilux GR Sport pickup, which has just been announced for the Ukrainian market: sales should start very soon. And what will this Toyota Hilux GR Sport pickup offer?

It turns out that it will offer a lot! First, the changed appearance: the Toyota Hilux GR Sport pick-up gets its own front bumper and grille, it has dark, massive wheel arch flares and a dark arc in the body behind the cab. In addition, the Toyota Hilux GR Sport pickup truck will receive its own 17-inch wheels with special off-road rubber. And the interior of the novelty is decorated with a steering wheel marked “GR” and numerous red decor.

Appearance only? Not at all! The diesel 2.8-liter 204-horsepower engine remained unchanged, as did the 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. However, the Toyota Hilux GR Sport pickup received a modified chassis: the ground clearance was increased by 20 mm, the track was widened (+140 mm at the front and +155 mm at the back), instead of the rear drum brakes, disc brakes were now installed and the power of the braking system was generally increased. Also, the new Toyota Hilux GR Sport pickup promises new driving experiences and new off-road capabilities.