Sony promises new PC ports in the future. Waiting for Bloodborne?

It seems that Sony is happy with the state of affairs in porting its own exclusives to PC. Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Returnal, Sackboy: A Big Adventure — the list of PlayStation hits that came to PC and were warmly received on the new platform is already quite long.

Although the last project, The Last of Us Part I, turned out to be problematic, but for purely technical reasons, and Sony is not deterred by this (hopefully temporary) failure. According to the latest report for fiscal year 2022 (ended March 31, 2023), which was announced by the company, it plans to continue porting its own hits to the PC. In the report, you can find the statement “we will continue to create new IPs, release games on PC and strengthen the online service”.

However, it is not surprising if you look at the numbers. Revenue in the “other” category (which includes revenue from peripherals and from the sale of games on other platforms) for the 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2022 grew three times compared to the previous year and amounted to $1.048 billion. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much this growth is driven by sales of PC games — for example, peripherals also include the PlayStation VR2 headset, which was released this quarter. But given its still very dubious success, it can be assumed that the lion’s share of such growth still falls on PC ports.