The beta test of Diablo IV, which took place at the end of March, left a generally pleasant impression of the game itself but discovered a typical problem of Blizzard — the inability of the servers to cope with the influx of everyone who wanted to join the game, which then led to huge queues at the entrance.

Well, it seems that this time Blizzard is trying to properly prepare for the release: the company announced another beta test of Diablo IV, which will take place on May 12-14 and aims to test the performance of the servers – Server Slam.

As with the previous beta test, players will have access to the Prologue and Act One, all five character classes, and the ability to earn previous achievements. A new reward during the Server Slam will be the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy, which can be obtained for reaching character level 20 and killing the Ashava boss – and it will remain in the release version of the game.

As before, progress in the new beta test will not carry over to the release (just as progress from the previous test phase will not appear in Server Slam).