Recently, Nissan presented two new products at once. Both are concepts, and both are SUVs, but each has a different destiny.

The first thing worth noting is the Nissan Pathfinder concept: it is a local Chinese version of the already existing Nissan Pathfinder model of the new generation. The exterior is made in its own style – the concept received a wide radiator grille, the headlights are enlarged upwards, a solid light is installed behind, and the side panels on the windows have been changed. Everything looks quite interesting and at the same time ready for serial production. The same can be said about the interior – it has a fresh design, but nothing revolutionary in general. It seems that very soon this Nissan Pathfinder will lose the “concept” designation and turn into a large production SUV with three rows of seats.

But another novelty – Nissan Arizon – is completely a concept. A complex design that is difficult to implement in a production model: many angles, barely showing headlights and two-sided side doors. Similarly, the interior: an unusual steering wheel, wide display, and lack of usual controls. Although the convenience of control can be provided by the Eporo voice assistant.

It seems that in the case of the Nissan Arizon concept car, it is currently about finding new images that will become the basis for a new electric car. After all, the Nissan Arizon concept car is built on the CMF EV platform, which was developed specifically for electric models: the battery is located below within the wheelbase and the possibility of installing two electric motors for all-wheel drive.

So, as you can see, the two concepts currently have completely different fates: the first is already an almost ready production model, and the second only demonstrates one of the ways to a possible production model. However, in any case, Nissan is moving forward!