After Microsoft launched PC Game Pass in Ukraine, news about updating the game catalog on this platform is becoming much more interesting than before. So let’s start.

According to the official announcement, the Xbox Game Pass catalog will soon include the following projects.

Minecraft Legends (Cloud, Console, PC)

A new action-strategy in the Minecraft universe, which is already available in the service — the game appeared in Xbox Game Pass yesterday, on the day of release, and with Ukrainian subtitles.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (Cloud, Console, PC) – April 20.
The second part of the indie barista simulator will also appear on the service on the day of release.

Medieval Dynasty (Xbox One) – April 20.
The survival adventure game with crafting and city management has been out for quite some time on PC and Xbox Series X|S, and now it’s coming to Xbox One. As in Minecraft Legends, Medieval Dynasty also has a text translation into Ukrainian.

Homestead Arcana (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X|S) – April 21.
Another game will be added to Xbox Game Pass on release day – this time it’s an RPG about the adventures of… a farmer witch.

Cassette Beasts (PC) – April 26.
The open-world role-playing game launches on April 26 on all Microsoft systems, as well as Nintendo Switch — and will appear on PC Game Pass on launch day.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition (Cloud, Console, PC) – April 27.
2D fighting with the heroes of various games has been released for quite some time, and at the end of April, a “special edition” (including the base game, update 2.0 and all DLC) will replenish the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox (Console, PC) – April 27.
Another adventure game will enter the Xbox Game Pass catalog on the day of its release.

Redfall (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X|S) – May 2.

The most interesting project of this announcement is that looks like Microsoft couldn’t resist and added it to the list, even though Redfall will be released next month (and will also be included in Xbox Game Pass on release day). Redfall is an open-world first-person action game developed by Arkane Studios Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks.

In addition to the full versions of the games, the Xbox Game Pass catalog will also be replenished with the following updates and DLC:

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC – now available.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update XIII: Oceania and Antarctica – April 25.

Also, Microsoft reports that the following games will disappear from the catalog on April 30:

Bugsnax (Cloud, Console, PC)

Destroy All Humans! (Cloud, Console, PC)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Cloud, Console, PC)

Tetris Effect Connected (Console, PC)

Unsouled (Cloud, Console, PC)