While someone closes paper editions about computers, the Swiss GIANTS Software opens a separate magazine dedicated to the game Farming Simulator. At the same time, it is not free!

Farming Simulator Magazine will have 52 pages and will exist in print (even sold on newsstands in some countries!) as well as an online version. The materials of the publication will be devoted to the games Farming Simulator 23 and Farming Simulator 22 and will contain tips, announcements, descriptions of game mods, etc. In addition, the rooms will have special codes to activate gaming equipment.

The magazine is published in six languages in twelve countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. The price of a digital copy of the magazine is $3.49. The second issue is expected in the summer.

Farming Simulator is generally an interesting game and an interesting gaming niche. The Farming Simulator series has existed for 15 years, during which 14 games were released for PC, consoles and mobile platforms. By the way, the developers recently celebrated the download by players of 2.5 billion (!) mods for the game.

The company can afford to shoot expensive cinematic trailers and hold Farming Simulator esports tournaments with a prize pool of more than $100,000!