Action/RPG Bosorka about a red-haired witch who tries to deal with the mess that she created herself, will be released tomorrow on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Bosorka is a dynamic top-down shooter in which you control a young witch, Horpyna, flying on a broomstick. In addition, the game has roguelike elements. And there are also several large levels in their own style, of course with powerful bosses at the end, a good selection of brooms, spells, companion demons, etc. And a very cool flight on a broomstick, during which the red-haired witch sometimes tries to jump out of the screen right at you.

Bosorka was developed by the Sengi Games studio from Rivne. Less than a year ago, the studio released the action adventure The Serpent Rogue, one of the first Ukrainian indie games that was released after the start of full-scale hostilities.