Finally, the “hot” version of the updated car BMW XM debuted – we welcome the new BMW XM Label Red.

Moreover, the name fully corresponds to the appearance: everything looks as if a barrel of black matte paint was poured on a very outrageous BMW XM SUV, and then the contours were outlined with red “mom’s lipstick”. They only have to add the appropriate “boots”: for example, 21- or even 23-inch.

However, the bright red finish will be an option and is used here just to attract additional attention. After all, the main difference of the BMW XM Label Red model is a super-powerful hybrid power unit: a gasoline 4.4-liter V8 “turbo” in combination with an electric motor produces a total of 748 hp. and 1000 Nm of torque. Currently, the BMW XM Label Red SUV is the record holder in terms of power among all similar competing models!

The rest of the equipment remained unchanged, because even before that, the BMW XM SUV received the maximum from the German company’s arsenal: all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission, adaptive adjustable suspension, active rear differential and active anti-roll bars, powerful 6-piston brakes. There are minimal changes only in the interior, but they are quite expected – the decoration is made in red and black colors, bright accents and red M-switches are added.

Thanks to the increase in power, the new BMW XM Label Red shows great dynamics: acceleration to a hundreds km takes only 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed is set at the traditional limit of 250 km/h, but a package will be offered to increase this limit to 280 km/h.

A great option for the company to earn a little more, already receiving a lot of money from the client. After all, the BMW XM Label Red SUV will cost from $185,000, and additional packages and the “mom’s lipstick” option will surely make it cross the $200,000 level.