Ever heard of a company like Gordon Murray? And if we say that it is named after the founder who once created the McLaren F1?… More interesting!

Recently, the supercar Gordon Murray T.33 Spider was born – it is logical that it is an open version of the Gordon Murray T.33 coupe: the difference is only in the body, where the upper roof panels are removed. But in the end, before us is the same classic supercar that we all so carefully drew in our teenage sketches. A real dream car with an elegant and attractive appearance!

And the equipment did not disappoint: inside the car Gordon Murray T.33 Spider hides a 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, which has a 48-volt starter-generator. The maximum power reaches 617 hp, which are sent to the rear wheels through a 6-speed Xtrac manual transmission. At the same time, thanks to the use of iStream carbon-aluminum monocoque and other “tricks” to lighten the structure, the car weighs only 1108 kg.

The central-motor layout caused an unusual layout of the trunks. Yes, in addition to the 115-liter front compartment, there are also two 180-liter side niches in the rear wings – original!

But the 2-seat interior is even more original. Combination of leather, Alcantara, metal; and at the same time – a traditional steering wheel and a manual lever, a round silver tachometer. Fans of classic supercars will be delighted!

The Gordon Murray T.33 Spider will be produced in just 100 units. Production will start in 2024. Also, if you liked the Gordon Murray T.33 Spider supercar, you should hurry to order it so as not to miss out on your happiness.