Engineer Ken Pillonel is known for his experiments with Apple gadgets. For example, he replaced the Lightning connector with USB-C in the iPhone. And later did a similar procedure with a case for AirPods. Now, Ken presented his “most innovative project so far” – wired AirPods that connect to a sound source via USB-C.

On his YouTube channel, Ken posted a short video demonstrating the earphones conversion process. He attributes his motivation to the fact that he purchased AirPods in 2020, and in early 2023, they started running on a battery for only 30 seconds. Unable to buy batteries for AirPods from a trusted seller, Ken had to improvise and eventually created wired AirPods.

By the way, the first and second generation AirPods received a score of 0/0 from iFixit for repairability, they are almost impossible to repair yourself. However, Ken demonstrated that you can always find a way out of the situation.