The director of the quadrology about a professional killer, John Wick — Chad Stahelski gave an interview about his main franchise. Among other things, the filmmaker said that the success of the series The Last of Us will pave the way for new film adaptations of games, including Ghost of Tsushima.

The director is well acquainted with the original source and is very interested in the idea of an “anti-samurai movie”. In addition, Chad notes the incredible visual style of the game and wants to preserve it and bring it to the big screen. For this purpose, it is planned to select Japanese actors and shoot the film primarily in Japanese.

The director of the John Wick franchise is working on the adaptation of the Sony exclusive Ghost of Tsushima

It is too early to talk about any details of the new film, at this time only the script is being prepared. A 87eleven team will work on it , which is known by such films as: John Wick, Atomic Blonde and Day Shift.

In addition, Stahelski also talked about another film based on a video game, namely Rainbow Six starring Michael B. Jordan.

We will remind, John Wick 4 hit the big screens on March 24, 2023.