An interesting hybrid strategy The Great War: Western Front by the Petroglyph Game studio was released.

The main feature of the game is the combination of step-by-step global strategy on the hexagonal map with the ability to lead troops in real-time tactical battles. On the global level, you conduct research, allocate troops and resources, and on the tactical level, you fight like in a normal RTS like the games of the Total Wars series.

The authors of The Great War: Western Front, which is the famous Petroglyph Games, created 20 years ago by natives of the legendary Westwood Studios (Command & Conquer series), promise historical authenticity, high replayability and “permanence” of game maps. That is, when you return to the places of former hostilities, you will find there trenches and holes from shell explosions. In addition to the campaign for Germany or the Triple Entente forces, the game also has online multiplayer.

The Great War: Western Front is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store. The cost of the game for Ukraine is UAH 700.