One – two – three… That’s how many displays can already be seen in the interior of the new generation Porsche Cayenne. By the way, the SUV should debut on April 18 at a local auto exhibition in China, and the company is gradually giving the details about the new model. For example, earlier images of camouflaged Porsche Cayenne prototypes on the test site appeared. But now we see the interior of the novelty – and it seems that this is already the final version.

In general, the interior of the new Porsche Cayenne can be described with the words: “Cayenne + 911 + Taycan.” From the latter – here is the idea of placing displays. For example, the dashboard is now a curved 12.6-inch display. Another example: a separate 10.9-inch display can be installed for the front passenger (this will be an option). But the new steering wheel frankly resembles the cult sports car Porsche 911.

Finally, the very concept of the interior – with a wide 12.3-inch central display, side vertical air deflectors, a massive central console with climate control controls, and temperature displays – is already from the Porsche Cayenne.

Such an interesting “mix” that should appeal to the children of the third millennium…