It’s been 20 years since Tommy Wiseau’s debut film The Room was released, and now its sequel is ready. The film is called Big Shark and it is the first movie that Tommy Wiseau directed independently after The Room.

On the Variety website there’s a trailer, which, according to the publication, is just making its debut on the Internet, but it has already been shown in cinemas.

Wiseau’s YouTube channel gives this official description of the film:

“Three firefighters (George, Patrick, and Tim) must save New Orleans from a gigantic shark. Will New Orleans survive?”

In the trailer it is suggested to go to the site for more information, but at the time of publication it redirects to Wiseau’s site, which sells underwear with the director’s name on it. You can also see it in the finale of the trailer.

As reported by Variety, Big Shark will be released in US theaters on April 2.