Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared fresh insights regarding Apple’s plans to switch its products to a USB-C connector instead of Lightning. According to his data, the company will re-release the second generation of AirPods Pro with a case that will be equipped with USB-C. Mass production of the accessory should begin in the second or third quarter, so it is likely that Apple will introduce a USB-C version of the earbuds along with the new iPhone 15 line, which should also receive USB-C.

Let me remind you, second generation AirPods Pro was introduced in September 2022. Therefore, it is unlikely that the USB-C version will receive any technical upgrades, except for the replacement of the connector for charging. A similar situation was with AirPods Pro of the first generation, when the gadget received a case with MagSafe support about two years after the announcement.

As for the regular third-generation AirPods, Ming-Chi Kuo notes that Apple has no plans to release them with USB-C. Presumably, this port will appear already in the fourth generation of AirPods.