Twitter confirmed that Blue subscription is now available worldwide. For $8 a month ($11 if you sign up via the iOS or Android app), you’ll get not only the blue checkmark, but 4,000-character tweets, a higher reply rating, the ability to edit posts, and other benefits. The subscription price for Ukrainian users is the same. A cheaper annual subscription is also currently offered, the cost of which will be $84 ($114.99 when signing up through smartphone app stores).

Organizations, meanwhile, can get a more useful checkmark. Twitter started accepting applications for gray checkmarks that verify government officials and organizations. In this case, the criteria are stricter — applicants must use either a government ID or a valid email address, along with a description of their job title and function.

Companies can now apply for golden checkmarks.

Twitter also announced that the previously confirmed blue checkmarks should disappear on April 1. Of course, for Blue subscribers, they will remain.