The first MiG-29 fighters promised by Slovakia and Poland is already in Ukraine. Slovakia was the first to make it. As reported by the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the country, four MiG-29 fighters have been safely handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The transfer of the fighters was carried out by Ukrainian pilots who arrived in Slovakia, took seats in the planes and drove them across the border. The Air Force of Slovakia helped during the training and escort of fighters.

The first four Slovak MiG-29 fighter jets have already been handed over to the Armed Forces to Ukraine

In the coming weeks, the rest of the aircraft, i.e. another 9 MiG-29s, will also be transferred to Ukraine. For security reasons, the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia does not provide any details. The transfer will be confirmed immediately after the planes arrive on the territory of Ukraine, just like this time.

“Thanks to everyone involved for a great professional job. Slovakia is on the right side, and with this gesture, we, as a country, have inscribed ourselves with capital letters in modern world history, which speaks of timely help, sincere solidarity and the greatness of the nation,” said Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad’.

Let’s hope that soon the first MiG-29s from Poland will arrive in Ukraine. Thank you, allies!