The Voice Isolation function appeared in iOS 15. After its activation, the microphone focuses on your voice and blocks external sounds so that the interlocutor can hear you better. Previously, it was only available during FaceTime calls and some other third-party applications. However, in iOS 16.4, Apple added support for Voice Isolation for cellular calls.

You can activate the function during a call. To do this, open the Control Center, click the Mic Mode button, and then select Voice Isolation. Similarly, you can turn off the function, or choose the Wide Spectrum mode, which, on the contrary, will try to cover as many surrounding sounds as possible. However, judging by the reviews, Wide Spectrum does not yet work with calls through the cellular network.

In iOS 16.4, there will be support for the Voice Isolation function for calls via the cellular network

iOS 16.4 Release Candidate is already available to beta testers, so you can expect the public release of the firmware as early as next week, approximately on March 28.