The shooter RUSLICSTAN INVADES from the studio SLAM AWAY GAMES is out in Steam Early Access. And this is an extreme bloody, brutal, and sometimes very disgusting game about the destruction of the russian invaders.

RUSLICSTAN INVADES has orcs stealing and worshiping toilets, some Terrorist Federation “heroes”, lots of profanity, severed limbs, blood, and faeces. The author seems to have gone a bit overboard, making the russians so hideous that even killing this ugly thing is unpleasant.

In terms of graphics, the game is not perfect, but if you want to blow off steam after the next missile attack, it will work well.

RUSLICSTAN INVADES is completely free, but the authors accept monetary support in small amounts. If you want to try the game, you should hurry, there is a hunch that the russians will be complaining a lot to get it banned.