The company Rakuten Viber, which develops the messenger of the same name, shared data on the top brands and models of smartphones used by Ukrainians in February 2023.

According to Viber, the majority of Ukrainians traditionally prefer Android-based smartphones, but the number of iOS users is growing. In February 2023, iOS users are already 19%, while in February 2022 they were 17%, and according to the previous public research, in 2021 – 16%.

Top smartphone brands most popular among Ukrainians (February 2023):

  1. Samsung
  2. Redmi
  3. Apple
  4. Xiaomi
  5. Huawei
  6. OPPO
  7. ZTE
  8. POCO
  9. Tecno
  10. Realme

According to Viber data: which smartphones were used by Ukrainians in February

Compared to Rakuten Viber’s previous data from 2021, the top five brands remained unchanged. In 2023, Realme entered the second five, leaving behind Lenovo (9th position in 2021).

Top of the most popular smartphone models (February 2023):

  1. Redmi 9A
  2. iPhone 11
  3. Redmi 9C
  4. Redmi 9
  5. Redmi Note 9
  6. Redmi Note 7
  7. iPhone 7
  8. Redmi Note 8 Pro
  9. iPhone XR
  10. Redmi 7A

Compared to Rakuten Viber’s previous data from 2021, the Redmi 9A climbed 5 lines and took the top spot, pushing the Redmi Note 7 down. Among Apple products, iPhone 11 remains the most popular. iPhone 7 lost 5 lines, and iPhone XR entered the top ten.

The company notes that the statistics are obtained thanks to Rakuten Viber’s internal tools and include only generalized data on smartphone brands and models.