Apple is preparing to significantly expand the availability of updated maps in Apple Maps for European users. It is reported that the company is testing the update in six Central European countries.

As a reminder, the new version of maps for Apple Maps was announced in 2018, together with iOS 12. Apple notes that users get faster and more accurate navigation, improved map detail, more information about roads, etc.

At first, the new version of Apple Maps was available only in some regions of the United States. However, in more than four years it covered the entire territory of the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Italy, France, Great Britain and a number of other countries.

Updated maps in Apple Maps should become available in six new countries of Central Europe

Comparison of the old and new version of the Vienna map

In total, updated maps are currently available in 26 countries. But in the near future, their number may increase to 32. They are currently being tested in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. The update is expected to be available to users in April. After its release, the new Apple Maps will cover 21.6% of the Earth’s land area and 11.7% of its population (approximately 927 million people).