Finnish studio Rockodile and publisher Lesser Evil have launched a Kickstarter campaign of the game about Ukrainian military drone operators, Death From Above.

In the game, you will control the wedding Mavic and drop explosive surprises on the russians and their equipment. Among the missions: destruction of headquarters and tanks of the occupiers, neutralization of radio towers, finding washing machines stolen by orcs.

Death From Above partners include Ukrainian military software developers GIS Arta. After the release of the game, 30% of the profit will be directed to the fund Come Back Alive and the initiative Army of Drones.

The Kickstarter campaign should bring attention to Death From Above and raise $26,641 to complete the project. Currently, a third of this amount has been collected.

Death From Above already has a Steam page, so the game can be added to Wishlist. The release date of the game in Early Access is the II quarter of 2023, that is, quite soon. We follow the news.