The web version of Google Translate has received a useful innovation. From now on, you can upload an image, and the service will translate all the incomprehensible words on it. The function uses the AR Translate tool, which is part of Google Lens.

Let me remind you that Google Lens on smartphones has been able to translate text in real time for quite some time. It is enough to point the smartphone camera at some inscription and in a moment you will receive its translation.

For the web version of Google Translate, you need to click on the “Image” button in the top menu, after which you can download the image. It is possible to open two images in parallel to see how Google Translate translated this or that word. You can also copy the text from the image and download the image with the translation. Currently, 113 languages are supported for the recognition of the original text (the service can automatically recognize them) and 133 languages for translation.