The Grammarly company announced the launch of a new service based on generative artificial intelligence – GrammarlyGO. According to the developers, it will work in combination with the already existing functionality of Grammarly and help users write texts in English.

As the company notes, the platform will be able to quickly generate relevant texts, taking into account individual and corporate style, context and purpose of the message. GrammarlyGO will provide comprehensive support for written communication in English using generative AI technologies.

With GrammarlyGO, users will be able to rewrite existing texts and create new ones, generate ideas, and quickly respond to messages within the applications and websites where they communicate. GrammarlyGO functionality will help individual and corporate users with the following tasks:

  • Generate texts: With the help of quick commands, users will be able to generate high-quality relevant texts within the sites and applications they work with.
  • Reply to emails: GrammarlyGO understands the context of emails and will suggest appropriate commands (such as “I’m interested” or “I’m not interested”) so users can draft a response.
  • Rewrite texts to adapt tone and clarity: the new product will also help transform entire sections of text to make them clearer and use the appropriate tone (for example, to sound more friendly or professional). Users will be able to choose between system commands or enter their own to overwrite the selected segment of text.
  • Change the length of the text: With one click on the appropriate command, users will be able to adapt the text to the desired length (make it longer or shorter).
  • Generate ideas: GrammarlyGO can be used as a brainstorming partner to speed up content creation. The product will help generate the structure of the document or individual ideas that can be taken as an example or immediately added to the text.

The beta version of GrammarlyGO is scheduled to launch in April. The first to test the new functionality will be Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education and Grammarly for Developers clients, as well as users of the free version of Grammarly in certain countries (in particular, in Ukraine). For individual users, access to GrammarlyGO will be activated by default (although they will be able to turn it off and on in their account settings).