Ukrainian studio Red Mountain Games notified that the tactical shooter Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories will be released in Steam Early Access as soon as the summer of 2023.

First announced in October 2021, Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories is a tactical shooter that is set to become the spiritual successor to the legendary Police Quest / SWAT series of games. Why not, the last non-mobile game in the series, SWAT 4 was released by the legendary Irrational Games back in 2005. Yes, we already have one spiritual successor to SWAT: Ready or Not from the Irish studio VOID Interactive, but why can’t Ukrainians do that too?

As in SWAT 4, you control a special police unit and have to neutralize dangerous criminals, release hostages, make arrests, etc. Planning is key to the success of the operation, so listen carefully to briefings and watch every step. Realistic weapons, armor and various police gadgets are included. Both single-player, where you give orders to an AI partner, and co-op play are supported.

Well, we’re waiting for Early Access, and for now we’re adding Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories to Wish List.