Ford has applied for a patent for technology that allows you to remotely turn off certain functions in a car, such as the radio or air conditioning, block the user from entering the car, or continuously beep if the owner misses a loan payment.

According to the patent application, cruise control, automatic lifts, seat adjustment, GPS and many other functions can be disabled. “Disabling such components may cause an additional level of discomfort to a driver and occupants of the vehicle,” the document states.

Missed a car payment? Ford is getting ready to turn off your air conditioning

This page of Ford’s patent application shows the types of entities that can communicate with the vehicle’s computer system

At most, the technology even involves the use of an autopilot system in self-driving cars. Such a vehicle could return itself to the penalty area at the request of the company.

Ford says it has no plans to use the technology, which is contained in one of the many patents filed by the automaker.