In honor of its 35th anniversary Kingston Technology in cooperation with Oleksandr Skichko started a social project. The company is modernizing school computers in educational institutions of the Cherkasy region.

Full-scale in Ukraine has been going on for a year and affects all areas of our life. Children especially suffer from the consequences of war. It also affects the educational process. Full-fledged education is hindered by power outages and air raids, which interrupt children’s studies and force them to go down to basements or bomb shelters.

The American company Kingston Technology modernizes computers in schools

At the same time, today’s children are future specialists: engineers, doctors, IT specialists, nanobiotechnologists, specialists in artificial intelligence, etc. They will create our future, and build our country. Therefore, it is essential that the learning process is effective. This direction was chosen by the American company Kingston Technology to help Ukrainian schools. It equips school computers with modern SSD components and replaces RAM in them, which speeds up PC operation. Thanks to this, learning productivity increases, and distance learning is facilitated.

The launch of the social project was dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the company’s founding, which took place in October 2022.

The American company Kingston Technology modernizes computers in schools

Kingston Technology together with Oleksandr Skichko have already provided assistance to 10 schools in the Cherkasy region. The following schools received the updated computers: Zolotonosha secondary school No. 3 (Zolotonosha town), Korobivka educational complex (Korobivka village), Dengy educational complex (Dengy village), Zolotonosha gymnasium named after S.D. Sklyarenko (Zolotonosha), Kropyvna secondary school (Kropyvna village), Zolotonosha secondary school No. 5 (Zolotonosha), Zolotonosha specialized school of information technologies No. 2 (Zolotonosha), Zolotonosha secondary school No. 6 (Zolotonosha). In the city of Cherkasy, they supported 2 schools: Cherkasy secondary school No. 8, and Cherkasy secondary school No. 26 named after I.F. Momot.

“Helping children is helping the future of the country. Especially when it concerns the education and intellectual development of children. Children must acquire knowledge even in conditions of war, and our task is to provide them such an opportunity. We fruitfully cooperate with the management of educational institutions and have already provided assistance to 10 schools. We plan to continue supporting Ukrainian schools,” commented Dmytro Romanenko, Business Development Manager in Ukraine at Kingston Technology company.