In addition to 12,000 employees Google made the difficult decision to fire 100 robots that worked on the company’s campus.

We are talking about one-armed service robots Everyday Robots from the Google division of the same name. These rather strange-looking machines helped to serve company workers and clean cafeterias, as well as open doors (quite a silly job, but as a test…)

Google has laid off not only 12,000 workers, but also 100 Everyday Robots

Everyday Robots planned to create robots for the service sector, as well as as personal home assistants, helping, for example, the elderly. But, Everyday Robots, like many of Google’s other experimental units, was unprofitable, so it will be closed, and the team members and technology will be distributed among other units of the company.

As for the 100 robots that worked/tested at Google, they will be disabled, consider them fired. On the other hand, the workers will not complain to the trade union and will not demand severance pay. Win-win Google!