The International Olympic Committee is taking the next steps in eSports competitions, adding chess and Just Dance to them.

In June, the IOC will hold the Olympic eSports Week, which will complement the Olympic eSports Series, which has been running since 2021, with new events.

Like the Olympic eSports Series, the Olympic eSports Week will focus on the virtual representation of physical activity. While this means you won’t see any gold medalists from Overwatch 2, the IOC is adding some competitions to the program that fit less in the traditional sense of “sport”.

Archery, tennis, tae kwon-do, Just Dance (the hit dance franchise of Ubisoft) and chess are new features of the Olympic eSports Week. All of these will be joined by motorsport (via Gran Turismo), cycling, baseball and sailing.

Olympic eSports Week starts on March 1 with the first qualifying competitions. The competition will end with an in-person event, which will take place in Singapore from June 22 to 25.