Pokemon Sleep is a mobile game to play which… you need to sleep. It was announced back in May 2019 (with a promise to release it in 2020). It’s been almost four years, and finally The Pokemon Company has shared some details about exactly how players will affect gameplay while sleeping.

According to the description, in Pokemon Sleep, the player gets to a small island, where he helps Professor Neroli in researching how certain Pokemons sleep. As for the game “genre”, Pokemon Sleep is essentially a sleep tracker. The player should put the smartphone next to the bed and go to sleep – the longer they sleep, the more Pokemon they will attract, besides, as the developer assures, depending on the type of sleep, these will be different types of Pokemon.

Along with the game, The Pokemon Company announced an updated Pokemon GO Plus + gadget: now this accessory will not only help you catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but will also work as a separate sleep tracker with Pokemon Sleep (although it is not required for the game).

Pokemon Sleep should be released this year, the game will be available for iOS and Android.