Recently, it became known about the return of famous Jeep cars to the Ukrainian market. Now part of the Stellantis concern, with a new importer and a new model line. Which one exactly?

The range will be opened by the Jeep Avenger compact crossover, which may become the company’s bestseller on the Ukrainian market. The next step is the Jeep Compass crossover, which can offer larger dimensions and interior.

There will be two flagship models. Of course, this is the famous prestigious SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee. The lineup will also feature the Jeep Wrangler SUV, a true legend and “face” of the brand.

Unfortunately, the available versions and price tags of the cars have not yet been announced. But the “start” page where you can get to know the news of the Jeep company and leave contacts for pre-ordering cars, has already been prepared and is working.