The Ukrainian game DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris has been released on Steam

DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris is one of the Ukrainian games that we just told about in the article Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023, was released on Steam.

A truly international team worked on this explosive mix of arkanoid, air hockey, bullet hell, and roguelike in a post-apocalypse setting. The founder and game designer of Team Instant Defeat is from Lviv, the sound designer is Italian, the composers are Danes, the publisher is Polish RockGame.

According to the plot of DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris, after a certain devastating apocalyptic event, all that is left of the world are mountains of garbage and debris, abandoned buildings, and aggressive automatic turrets, and your mission is to finally clear it of this dusty mess.

As in a regular arkanoid, you bounce a ball that destroys elements of the level. But in addition to that, you collect bonuses that can allow you to shoot different weapons. But the junk you destroy also fires automatic turrets at you in return. It all looks and plays pretty fun. To make sure of this, you can try the demo version on the game page.

In honor of the release until March 6, 2023, DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris, which of course has a Ukrainian localization, costs only 180 UAH.

We will remind you that DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris is one of the winning games of Indie Cup Ukraine’22.