Spotify has announced a new feature called AI DJ. It will provide users with a personalized playlist along with track commentary that will be voiced in a “stunningly realistic voice.”

AI DJ knows what kind of music you like, so it will build a playlist based on your preferences. These will be both songs that you constantly listen to or have listened to before, as well as new recommendations. The DJ will add little comments between songs, much like traditional radio stations do. It will explain why it chose this or that song, or remember the last time you listened to this composition.

Spotify combined its own personalization algorithms with OpenAI technologies to make AI DJ work. It also uses Sonantic’s text-to-speech engine (Spotify acquired this platform in 2022). The company partnered with Xavier “X” Jernigan, formerly the host of Spotify’s morning show, to create the voice model.

Spotify has added an AI DJ with a realistic voice to the app

The beta version of AI DJ is now available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the US and Canada.