Kyiv studio Piggy Games announced the game Hoglands. It’s a Tower Defense with RPG elements inspired by the Middle Ages and the popular Kingdoms game series, reports

Piggy Games was founded in 2021, and Hoglands is the team’s first project. The authors do not hide that they were inspired by such games as Kingdom: Two Crowns, Until We Die and Tails of Iron.

The main character of the game is a noble boar who is trying to protect his kingdom from hordes of dead pigs (who could it be?!) and find the cause of the plague that is spreading around the world. The player will have to build defenses to fend off night zombie attacks, collect resources and rebuild settlements during the day.

Besides, Hoglands has such interesting elements as forays beyond the defensive walls to destroy the source of the plague, daytime hunting for hidden vampires and sacrificing to the evil gods to gain an advantage.

Piggy Games plans to release Hoglands in Q3 2023. The game already has a page at Steam, so add it to your Wish List.