Probably, every fan of racing and car simulators, if they don’t already have one, dreams of a special chair with fasteners for the steering wheel and pedals. You can place it in front of the TV or monitors, and conveniently transfer to the virtual cockpit of your favorite car or bolide. Now Logitech has a solution for such a case.

In fact, this is a rebranding of the Playseat chair, externally adapted for Logitech. At the same time, the company’s marketing offers its own steering wheel and pedals for such a chair (logically), but the design allows the use of controllers from other brands.

The global difference between Playseat and Logitech is only the appearance. Then everything is more or less the same. The seat is made of Actifit material, which should adapt to the user’s body and keep cool during long games. In addition, of course, you can adjust the position of the backrest, steering wheel, and pedals.

You can buy one for $599.