Saudi Arabia’s construction projects are truly impressive. After the incredible linear metropolis The Line, the construction of which has already begun, another megaproject is being prepared in the kingdom. This time we are talking about the Mukaab skyscraper in the form of a cube with 400 m long facets.

The construction site of Mukaab on the outskirts of Riyadh has already been chosen. A new area, New Murabba, will be built there, the pearl of which will be Mukaab. Inside the building must be empty and this volume can accommodate up to 20 buildings the size of the legendary Empire State Building. In the middle of this extraordinary dome is a giant column with terraces and waterfalls, and the walls and ceiling are covered with LCD screens that will be able to create incredibly realistic pictures of any fantastic locations.

On the roof of the building there are modern Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The exterior of the Mukaab is based on national Arabian patterns, but… still very reminiscent of the Borg cube from the Star Trek series, only not green and black, but gold.

Construction of Mukaab should be completed in 2030.