As reported by the luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, in addition to the already existing six technical development centers in the USA, China and Europe, the company will open three more hubs in Munich, Bologna and Madrid. 

The new hubs will deal with developments in the field of autonomous driving for the next generations of the brand’s cars. The NVIDIA company, which recently cooperates more and more with various car manufacturers, will help in the development.

The collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover and NVIDIA was announced last year. Then the companies will conclude a contract to develop “computer brains and nervous systems” for models starting in 2025 and their subsequent updates.

It is reported that the cities for the new hubs were also not chosen by chance, because precisely these locations have the right engineers. In total, the company plans to hire about a hundred developers who will focus on “on developing driver assistance systems and artificial intelligence for self-driving cars of the future.”

Such a partnership is also aimed at competing with Tesla and other luxury manufacturers that are currently engaged in similar developments.