What’s wrong with the Volkswagen ID.3 electric car in the main photo? The disproportionately small rear doors immediately attract attention. And all because this is a test “mule” of the Volkswagen ID.2 electric car, which was fitted with a Volkswagen ID.3 body – that’s the noticeable difference in dimensions.

Motor1 tells that the new Volkswagen ID.2 electric car can replace the traditional Volkswagen Polo hatchback, or complement the range of compact Volkswagen models.

After all, the total length of the Volkswagen ID.2 should be about 4-4.1 meters – it is significantly less than the already known Volkswagen ID.3!

Unlike the latter, the use of front-wheel drive is expected. However, the appearance of the ID.2 X or ID.2 GTX versions, which will receive all-wheel drive and increased power thanks to two electric motors, is not excluded.

More detailed information will appear later – closer to 2025-2026, when the new product is scheduled to debut.