An auction was held recently, where an original iPhone in factory packaging was sold. The lot was expected to fetch around $50,000, but the final price was higher and set a new record for this device.

Last August, $35,414 was paid for the same original iPhone in factory packaging. In the fall, another one was sold for $39,340. Let me remind you, the price of such a device at the time of release was $599 for the version with 8 GB of memory.

An original iPhone in factory packaging has sold for more than $63,000

However, this time the value of the lot almost doubled the previous figures. The winner paid $63,356 for the iPhone. That’s 105 times its original cost. The stakes started at $2,500 and reached the final value in 27 raises.

It is reported that the first owner of this iPhone received it as a gift from friends in 2007, but never used it, because the iPhone at that time only worked with the AT&T carrier network. So she just left it unopened for 15 years.