Lucid continues to expand the Air model line. Earlier, the top version Lucid Air Sapphire was released for $250,000 – with 1,200 horsepower and super technologies. But the company also works in the opposite direction, trying to create an affordable electric car.

Only it is “affordable” in its own sense. After all, the new version of Lucid Air Pure RWD is indeed the most affordable in the line – however, it still costs from $87.4 thousand.

What does the novelty offer? True to its name, the Lucid Air Pure RWD electric car has rear-wheel drive and a single electric motor that produces 430 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. At the same time, the new Lucid Air Pure RWD will receive a rather large battery, so it will be able to offer a good distance of autonomous mileage – up to 653 km on one full charge.

In addition, support for proprietary 900-volt power technology is expected, which promises the possibility of very fast charging. For example, in 15 minutes – plus electricity, which is enough for 320 km of mileage.