Alice: Asylum, the hypothetical third part of the cult American McGee’s Alice (2000) and Alice: Madness Returns (2011), has been in production hell since 2017 and the hopes of getting this game are no more than illusory.

However, American McGee himself is still going strong and raising money on Patreon. And recently he announced and released for subscribers (don’t pay attention to the Free Download, it’s not) the ultimate Alice: Asylum Design Bible v1.0 PDF, a multi-illustrated game artbook/design document. What’s more, this PDF artbook even has its own trailer in 4K. Enjoy!

And seriously, we would love to see the third part of Alice, but it seems that Alice: Asylum, like Alice: Otherlands, is going to be abandoned. We will be happy to be wrong.

Alice: Asylum – there is no game and it is not known if there will be one at all, but there is a cool PDF-artbook