Samsung flagships are one of the most popular smartphones and the biggest competitor to the iPhone. The new Samsung Galaxy S23 line has already managed to collect a considerable number of positive reviews, which has been responded to accordingly by customers.

New flagships have already received a record number of pre-orders in South Korea, where in just one week 1.09 million customers managed to pre-order one of the models. Among the three options, Galaxy S23 was preferred by 23%, and its larger Galaxy S23+ option – by 17%. And 60%, or 650 thousand pre-orders, accounts for Galaxy S23 Ultra.

For comparison, a year earlier, the Samsung Galaxy S22 trio collected 1.01 million pre-orders, so the popularity of the line is still increasing.

It is also worth noting that the company does a good job of encouraging potential buyers to pre-order, offering larger drives for less than the regular price, additional gifts in the form of various accessories, discounts on in-store purchases, and trade-ins. The sales plan for this year foresees an increase of 10%.

In Ukrainian stores, you can also find additional promotions when pre-ordering new products, and the start of sales is planned for the beginning of March.