It seems that Android 14 will have an analogue of the Continuity Camera function, which Apple introduced last year. The DeviceAsWebcam function was found in the operating system code, which will allow the smartphone or tablet to be identified as a USB video device (USB Video Class, or UVC). This, in turn, will turn your Android device into a webcam.

The UVC driver was added to the Android GKI kernel over a year ago. It is likely that the new function will rely on it when processing operations at the hardware level. It can also be assumed that Android smartphones will work with different devices, thanks to the implementation of the universal UVC standard. Continuity Camera, which is not a surprise, only works in the iOS – macOS connection.

By the way, third-party applications, such as Camo ( Android / iOS) or DroidCam have been offering this functionality for quite a long time. However, a system-level implementation could be a useful addition to Android.