In 2021, Nissan showed several concept cars and announced that it plans to invest $17.6 billion in the development of electric vehicles. One of the concepts was a two-seater Max-Out sports convertible, but at the time the automaker only showed a few renderings of the electric car. Now the company presented a real version of the Max-Out during the Nissan Futures event in Yokohama.

Nissan remained faithful to the original design. The Max-Out is still a two-seater convertible with some pretty interesting headlights and taillights. Inside the car, you can see a large display of the multimedia system, as well as a steering wheel instead of a classic round steering wheel.

The company does not disclose the technical specifications of the electric car. Apparently, Nissan has no plans yet to create a production version of the Max-Out, if such plans exist at all. At the same time, thanks to the concept, you can imagine the design of future cars of the Japanese manufacturer.