The Apple Watch Ultra is the most massive smartwatch in Apple’s lineup, but next year its size may increase even more. The information appeared on the network that the gadget will be equipped with a 2.1″ display. Let me remind you that the current model has a 1.93″ screen. So the increase will be about 10%.

The 2024 Apple Watch Ultra is expected to get a microLED display. Its advantages will be greater brightness, improved contrast, and reduced power consumption compared to current OLED screens. The size of the case, in turn, will increase slightly, and instead of 49 mm, it will become 50 mm.

In general, Apple is making a serious bet on microLED technology, believing that it has great potential. And even if it won’t make much of a difference in smartwatches, it will add innovation to smartphones, laptops, and AR/VR devices in the future. For example, we can get an iPhone with a foldable display or completely transparent AR glasses.