Xiaomi plans to release its own electric car. Moreover, these plans are not somewhere “in the distant future”, they are becoming a reality now. For example, the first images of the future Xiaomi electric vehicle have recently been leaked and we see an electric sedan that stands out for its aerodynamic streamline and almond headlights.

You can see a Xiaomi MS11 sign in front. They say this is the code name of the model. But various sources claim that the Xiaomi electric car will enter the market with the product name Modena. So, the name will become known later.

As well as accurate specifications. There is only general information: two types of batteries (from BYD and CATL), an autonomous control system, and state-of-the-art lidars are expected, as well as an electric motor. However, we will have to wait for all of it. Xiaomi’s electric vehicle debut is scheduled for early 2024.