Ukrainian retro turn-based strategy Farlanders in which you need to terraform Mars and build a thriving colony on it, was finally released on Steam.

Farlanders combines elements of a city-building strategy, an economic game, and a puzzle game, because the placement of terraform tiles in this game is also a puzzle, in the truest sense of the word.

The game has levels on the surface and under the surface of Mars, a campaign and a good plot, procedural map generation, Ukrainian localization, and nice pixel graphics. The game was created by indie developer Andrii Bychkovskyi with the involvement of a number of Ukrainian artists, musicians, and programmers.

According to GameSensor statistics, Farlanders is included in the Top 10 most anticipated Ukrainian games, 31,000 players have added this project to their Wish List.

Farlanders is offered with a 10% discount until January 24, 2023, that is, for Ukrainians, the game costs only UAH 206. Pay attention!

P.S. Interestingly, Farlanders has nothing to do with the new book of the Ukrainian writer Max Kidruk New Dark Ages. Colony, the events of which take place on Mars, where a large Ukrainian diaspora lives. It just happened that way.