The Kharkiv company Shov (Shelter) offers customers a modern cozy and very comfortable bomb shelter that looks like a small apartment underground.

There is a kitchen-living room, a shower, a toilet and a bedroom for three people. All this is the size of an ordinary sea container. The shelter can be connected to an already existing network of electricity, water supply and sewage, or have an autonomous power supply, water supply and sewage system.


The shelter is buried in the ground to a depth of 2 to 3 meters and may have an additional protective concrete slab of various thicknesses on top. Installation of a bomb shelter requires a site with a size of at least 12×5 m, that is, this solution is primarily for private homes.


The basic configuration of Shov costs UAH 2,450,000, each additional bonus, for example, Starlink satellite Internet with a Wi-Fi router, hermetic armored doors or an additional place for storing things and products – from UAH 39 to 370 thousand. That is, with all options, Shov will cost the customer 3.6 million.

But Shov really looks like a small cozy apartment. At least on the renders.