The manufacturer of game peripherals Nyxi announced the release of its own controller for Nintendo Switch – Nyxi Wizard Wireless Joy-pad. It replicates the classic WaveBird gamepad for the GameCube console, with the original button arrangement on the right side and a huge “A” button in the center.

The Wizard Wireless Joy-pad can be used as a regular controller or you can “disassemble” into two parts and attach them to the sides of the console to play in portable mode.

Separately, the manufacturer notes that its controller will not suffer from joycon drift, because its sticks have an electromagnetic design, thanks to which they do not come into contact with the sensor. Also, the controller can replace the sticks and rings around them, there are programmable buttons at the bottom, and the battery is enough for 6.5 hours of operation.

The Nyxi Wizard Wireless Joy-pad is now available for order on the official website at a price of $69 with delivery worldwide, except for a few countries (which, unfortunately, includes Ukraine).