Hungarian studio The Wild Gentlemen, known for the game Chicken Police – Paint it RED!, announced its next project – RetroSpace.

This is a space immersive simulator, that is, a game with “immersion”, in the spirit of System Shock (the remake of which we have been promised for 7 years) in a retro-futurism / discopunk setting. Judging by the video, we are receiving a game in the style of B-category sci-fi movies, shot in the 70s and 80s of the last century, with graphics from the late 90s.

According to the plot of the game, the Aurora 5 spaceship was dragged into a black hole, and the corridors of the ship were filled with ugly monsters. The main character is an ordinary cleaner who needs to get out of this shit.

In terms of gameplay, RetroSpace is a stealth shooter with elements of horror, immersive simulator and roguelike RPG. A variety of weapons, mods and respawn are of course added.

RetroSpace has no release date yet, but there is a Steam page, so you can add the game to your Wish List.